I gave a lecture to UCC MSc students today on the topic “GeoDemographics and GeoCoding: An Introduction to Sources and methods” My slide deck is below.

I’m pretty exited by my next speaking appointment, Ignite Dublin 8, which takes place in The Science Gallery on Pearse St in Dublin next Thursday 8th December. Each Ignite presentation is recorded and posted on YouTube afterwards, I’ll post mine when it’s online, I’m busy writing and re-writing it now.

If you’re not familiar with the Ignite concept, the idea is that each speaker has only 5 minutes and has 20 slides which auto-advance every 15 seconds. This keeps things short and sweet and ensures a wide range of topics can be fitted into each Ignite session – there will be 18 speakers at Ignite Dublin 8, talking about things ranging from Archaeology to Robotics. And Maps, of course!

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