Where are the commuters?

Percentage of Pop driving more than 15km to work

(Click for larger version)

The CSO have recently made DED boundary data available for use by the public. You can download the shapefiles from here: http://beyond2020.cso.ie/censusasp/saps/boundaries/census2006_boundaries.htm Loading this data into a Geographic Information System (GIS) enables the production of maps such as the above.

This map is a first pass attempt to show commuter-ville – Areas of the country where large proportions of the population drive long distances to work.  As can be seen, areas near large towns have fewer long distance commuters than more isolated areas, which is fully expected.  Nevertheless there are some areas; North county Dublin, parts of county Meath and Northern Kildare in particular, where a significantly larger than average proportion of the population was commuting over 15km to work in 2006, despite these areas containing large towns and villages. How are these areas faring in the current economic climate? It would be an interesting analysis to compare these results to localised trends in house prices – something that might be possible with analysis of data from The Daft Report.

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